DermaGlow™ LED Skin Rejuvenator
DermaGlow™ LED Skin Rejuvenator
DermaGlow™ LED Skin Rejuvenator
DermaGlow™ LED Skin Rejuvenator
DermaGlow™ LED Skin Rejuvenator
DermaGlow™ LED Skin Rejuvenator
DermaGlow™ LED Skin Rejuvenator
DermaGlow™ LED Skin Rejuvenator
DermaGlow™ LED Skin Rejuvenator
DermaGlow™ LED Skin Rejuvenator

DermaGlow™ LED Skin Rejuvenator

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Using advanced light therapy technology, Dermaglow™ Skin Rejuvenator offers three different light modes tailored to address specific skin concerns. By gently applying the device on your face, you'll experience a range of benefits, from revitalizing collagen to combating acne and enhancing skin tone. Reveal your most radiant and youthful complexion with Dermaglow™.

Prepare the area
We recommend using Dermaglow™ on clean, dry, or damp skin after shower. You can also apply your favorite moisturizer before using it, which will enhance your skincare product's effectiveness, but it is not a requirement.

Choose your light mode
Select a light mode based on your skin needs: Blue light for collagen synthesis, Green light for smoothing, rebalancing, and enhancing microcirculation (sculpts the jawline), and Red light for activating collagen and brightening dull complexion. You can rotate the lights on different days or even use them together for a comprehensive treatment.

Get to action
Gently press the device on the desired areas, moving in circular motions or following the contours of your face and neck. Enjoy the benefits of Dermaglow™ as it works to improve your skin's appearance and health.

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We love our Dermaglow™ Skin Rejuvenator and we're confident you will too! That's why we offer a 120-day money-back guarantee. If things don't go as planned, our return and refund policy is designed to make things as easy as possible for you.

Aging Is Inevitable, But With DermaGlow™, We Can Age Like Fine Wine! 😂🍷

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Say goodbye to pricey skincare products and treatments with the DermaGlow™ LED Rejuvenator, designed to leave your skin and face looking flawless without draining your wallet.

Utilizing micro-current technology to firm your face, you'll achieve a revitalized complexion without the need to spend thousands on high-end products or frightening procedures!


Get Your Glow On: Unleash the Benefits of DermaGlow and Radiate Confidence! 💁‍♀️✨

✔️ Promotes healthier, younger-looking skin.
✔️ Aids in eliminating wrinkles & tightening, lifting cheeks & jawline.
✔️ Enhances dark spots, circles & reduces redness.
✔️ Helps to decrease acne, pimples, and deeply cleanses the skin.
✔️ All-natural treatment. No pain & free from side effects.



    Hue Gotta See This: Red, Blue & Green 🚦 Transforming Your Skincare Game! 🎨🥳

    Blue light: Boosts collagen synthesis, activates the skin, tightens loose skin, minimizes pores, and improves oily skin, sensitive skin, and acne-prone areas..
    Green light: Smoothens, rebalances, and soothes, while enhancing microcirculation and oxygenation of the skin's surface (in other words, sculpts your jawline while reducing facial puffiness).
    Red light: Penetrates deeply to the skin's base, reinvigorates collagen activity, brightens dull complexions, and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles.

    Package Includes

    1 x DermaGlow™ LED Rejuvenator
    1 x USB Charging Cable
    1 x User Manual

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